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Asset Protection Law
Asset Protection is the process by which one employs strategies and legal structures designed to shield your assets from the reach of creditors, business partners, the I.R.S. and ex-spouses. A well designed asset protection plan builds a protective fort around the client’s estate and guides family wealth from external creditor attack. The most effective Asset Protection plans contain multiple layers of protection, so that even if a creditor can defeat one protective device there are other impediments to the creditor’s attack.
Asset Protection is therefore a vital part of any estate plan and a well-prepared plan will protect from exposure to judgments arising out of lawsuits. Asset Protection does not involve hiding assets as the techniques used by Bessey Law, P.A. are fully within the boundaries of the law.
Some of the most common asset protection devices are as follows:
*  Homestead Property
*  Irrevocable Trusts
*  Family Limited Partnership
*  Limited Liability Company
*  Tenancy Property
*  Annuities
*  I.R.A.’s
*  Title Insurance
*  Corporations (In limited situations)
*  401 (K) and Federal Sponsored Retirement Plans

Asset protection is especially important for physicians and other professionals who have exposure of their assets to lawsuits and large jury verdicts.


Business Law

We handle all types of transactions on assets; companies, partnerships and investors offering precise targeted areas of problems. We serve entrepreneurs, start-up companies, professional organizations and limited liability companies (LLC). Bessey Law, PA. provides a full range of business services and representation to help clients avoid pitfalls while growing their business. We advise business clients in matters relating to; 


*  Business Formation

*  Corporate Structure

*  Bankruptcy

*  Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

*  Partnerships

*  Corporations

*  Contract Drafting and Negotiation

*  Strategic Planning

*  Insurance

*  Commercial Transactions

*  Shareholder Agreements

*  Litigation Defense

*  Employment Law

*  Mortgage Law

*  Foreclosure Defense

*  Severance Agreements

*  Licensing Agreements

*  Mergers and Acquisitions

*  DissolutionsSale or

*  Transfer of Business Assets

*  Succession Planning

*  Other Matters

Disaster Recovery Law



                  UNDER PAID?




Property damage victims need to protect their home or business, residential and commercial property 


You may be entitled to compensation from your insurance company for any of the following losses or damages. These include but are not limited to: 


*  Water damage

*  Electrical, HVAC or plumbing damage

*  Roof & window damage

*  Structural damage

*  Wind damage

*  Business interruptions claims

*  Fire damage

*  Residential & commercial claims


Our first suggestions:  


Make sure you speak to the right people.


Make sure you are taking diligent notes, recording dates, times, names, titles and companies whom you are speaking.


​You should speak to attorneys at Bessey Law, P.A. to protect your interest for any losses you suffered.

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