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Personal Injury Law
A Family that has suffered a wrongful injury or death has rights that should be respected.  A negligent party can and should be held responsible for damages they caused.  Nothing is ever quite the same if the loss is caused by carelessness or negligence.  The grief and anger is much deeper.


We have the right combination of strength and compassion to work with you and your family when you need counsel the most.  Families must take action within a limited period of time or they loose their right to seek recovery.
Our firm is committed to seeing all Personal Injury and Wrongful Death cases to conclusion on a contingency fee basis.
Real Estate Law
At Bessey Law, P.A. we have extensive expertise in representing our diverse clients on all issues relating to the purchase, sale
or ownership of commercial or residential real estate property. In addition to providing individuals, developers, businesses and investment groups with real estate legal services we can help them locate suitable properties and arrange for financing.
Wills, Trusts & Estates
Estate planning is among one of the most important acts one can take to ensure that your property and healthcare wishes are followed at the time of death and that your loved ones are financially provided in you absence. Your “estate” consists of all assets owned by you at the time of your death including real estate, bank accounts, securities, life insurance policies and personal property. Estate and Tax Planning is critical to your family’s financial future.
Bessey Law, P.A. has extensive experience in addressing these issues and preparing necessary documentation for all matters associated with Estate Planning ensuring that the needs and wishes of you and your family members are fully protected. 
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